Culinary Corner

Hello and welcome to the Culinary Corner.  We’ll explore all things and places in Howard County related to good food, great drinks, and fun places to hang out.  This issue we will focus on “Kool Cheap Hangouts.”

After doing extensive research that included taste testing pizza, fried tenderloins, and an assortment of mixed drinks,  I found out (as we said in the 90’s) “Kokomo is Loaded with Options!”  I didn’t realize that one can go out, eat dinner, and have a couple spirits of choice and spend under $20.  Well fellow Kokomoans and visitors, yes we can!

The CozyThis edition of the Culinary Corner led me to the near north side bar district.  My featured stop is The Cozy, which is located at 222 N. Buckeye Street.  I found out from Cozy Marketing Director, Susan Harding, that The Cozy originated back in the early 60’s and was located on Main Street.  In 1963 it moved to its current location.  She also mentioned that back in 1905, the building was used as a mortuary by Rich & Demitt Undertaking and in the 20’s it was home to Blue Cross Drug Store.

Downtown Kokomo in the 1920's

The Cozy building in the 1920's

The Cozy now has “The Other Side.”  The Other Side Bar and Grill is a larger venue to support live entertainment and dancing.

I went to The Cozy at the end of January and attended a comedy show.  Admission to the show was $8.  I shared a $6 pizza with a friend and had one Cosmo ($3) and a beer ($2.)  Dinner, show and drinks, all for under $20.  The comedians were okay, but the crowd was fun and lively.  The pizza was really good for six bucks and others at my table ordered burgers and cheese sticks.  Everyone seemed satisfied with their food, but were very excited about the cheap cocktails.

The Cozy features live entertainment on most Saturdays, DJ’s on Thursday, and cool karaoke on Fridays.  For more information regarding The Cozy, call 765-459-9664.

Next I ventured 9 blocks north, where you will find 3 bars all within shouting distance.  This is what I call “One Stop Shopping.”  You can find something for everyone on this corner – Country, Rock, and R&B.  Burgers, pizza, barbeque, even breakfast all located at the corner of Main and Elm. 

millers-tavern1I stopped in at Millers Tavern, 125 W. Elm Street, on a Thursday evening.  Very friendly service and $1 Miller Light draft all night.  After 2 beers and a sandwich, I got change back from a ten dollar bill!  Also located on this corner are Tom Thumb and Cartier.  My husband says Tom Thumb has the best pizza in town and I say Cartier has the best barbeque in town.  So I would highly recommend going to the  corner of Main and Elm Streets and take your choice.  All fall under the category of really “Kool Cheap Hangouts.” 


Next edition we will explore “Kokomo Patio Spots” just in time for the outdoor dining season.

Join in the fun, write a comment, and let me know your favorite “Kool Cheap Hangout” and your favorite “Kokomo Patio Spot.” 

Kim Morgan
Kokomo Visitors Bureau


One thought on “Culinary Corner

  1. Susan Harding, that The Cozy originated back in the early 60′s and was located on Main Street. In 1963 it moved to its current location.

    Cozy never moved to its current address till the mid 80,s i know

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