Experience Great Food & Superior Service at the Book Nook Bistro

Hello again Culinary Corner Friends,

Since we are in the season of giving, I have something very special to give you.  One might call it advice, a tip, a recommendation, an endorsement, or a testimonial.

The best kept secret in town for a small party is a little place called the Book Nook Bistro, located downtown at 311 West Walnut Street in Kokomo.

I’ve had the pleasure to go there twice in the past month.  Both experiences were EXCEPTIONAL.  Owner Reed Stoeckley (we call him Chef Reed) really knows how to treat his guest.  I have not experienced that level of hospitality EVER!

The Book Nook Bistro is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  But the real treat is his “Reservation Only” dinner party on Friday and Saturday evenings.  It is the perfect place for small gatherings.

The following is my list of adjectives to describe the “Reservation Only” option: cozy, quaint, comfortable, intimate, relaxing, scrumptious, inviting, effortless, delightful, enjoyable, satisfying, cheerful, warm . . .  should I go on, or do you get the picture?

There is only ONE catch; you must make a reservation!

This is what you do:  Call Chef Reed at (765) 452-0988.  (He will do the rest!)

This place is perfect for groups of 2 – 20.  The menu is simple (steak or chicken), but it is absolutely scrumptious.  All dinners are served with incredible loaded potatoes and a fresh green salad with a secret sauce dressing to die for.  The dessert will take you over the edge to a place where you will never want to leave.

If it’s a really special occasion, also reserve the Penthouse called the Belfry Bed & Breakfast.  Not only can you entertain in the main dining space, but you then can retire upstairs to sheer luxury.   Chef Reed will take total care of you, with made to order breakfast the following morning. 

The Belfry Bed & Breakfast

What is most amazing is the price.  No dinner is more than $10 per person, the use of the dining space is free, and if you book the Belfry Bed & Breakfast before December 18, 2009, to be used anytime in 2010 (subject to availability) it is only $59 per night.

So, the next time you and friends want to get together, or your family needs a spot to gather, remember the Book Nook Bistro.  One call is all it takes!

Kim Morgan
Kokomo Visitors Bureau


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