What Is Your 2010 Resolution?

Here we are at the start of a new year again.  As I rang in the start of 2010 last week, I began to think of all the resolutions that I have made over the years and how many of those I have actually kept (not many!)  I would like to suggest a new resolution to think about this year . . . plan to travel more in 2010. 

No matter if you go somewhere across the country, within your state, or just visit attractions in your own community, traveling inspires new experiences, an opportunity to try new cuisine, and the chance to learn about new places and people.  It can also give you a much needed break from the regular busyness of life to relax and take time for yourself.   

I encourage everyone to take the time and effort to plan a getaway this year.  Whether you plan a trip to Kokomo, to Indiana, or even down the road from where you live, don’t miss the chance to discover something new in 2010.  Here are some great (and budget-friendly) ideas to start.  Happy travels!

  • Take a fascinating tour at the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Factory to see the production of art glass and watch a glass blowing demonstration.
  • Learn about the inventor of America’s First Car at the Elwood Haynes Museum.
  • Visit the stunning Seiberling Mansion, filled with late-Victorian architecture, hand-carved woodwork, and local history exhibits.
  • Take a stroll through the past at the Kokomo Automotive Museum, containing over 100 antique automobiles and memorabilia. 
  • Visit Old Ben, the World’s Largest Steer, in Kokomo’s Highland Park. 
  • For more Kokomo area attractions, check out our website and download our visitors guide at www.VisitKokomo.org.

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