Kokomo’s Culinary Corner Takes on Pizza!

In this issue we will have a serious discussion about my favorite
food . . . PIZZA!  I’ve waited a long time to decide which pizza is the best in Howard County.  I will only compare four local pizzerias. Therefore, I need all of you to chime in and tell me about your favorites! 

I want to hear about all those little joints or as Guy Fieri (Food Network) would say, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!”  Tell me where the most unique pizza is hidden in the City of Firsts.   

The "Top Gun" Pizza at Mike's Italian Grill


Mike’s Top Gun has sausage, Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and ham with extra cheese.  I would guess a large pizza weighs 6 or 7 pounds.  One pizza will easily serve 5-6 people.  They put a hearty tomato sauce with creamy mozzarella cheese.  Mike’s Italian Grill is located on the southwest side of town at 4001 S. Dixon Road.   

Tiki Trios Pizzeria is relatively new to the westside.  It is located next to the Forest Park shopping center at 2114 W. Sycamore. Their signature pizza is the Omnivore.  And I must say, the name says it all.  This pizza has 7 meats and 6 vegetable toppings!  Yes, I said 13 toppings.  It’s loaded down with pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef, chicken, bacon, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, tomatoes, and banana peppers.  One piece will fill a grown man.  I have a 15-year old boy who would eat a whole roast if I let him, and he can only eat ONE slice.  In my opinion, this has to be the most loaded pizza in Howard County.  If you have one that has more stuff, please let me know. 

"The Italian" Pizza at Tiki Trios Pizzeria


 Next on the list is Mulligan’s Sports Pub, located at 1134 Home Avenue.  If you remember, Mulligan’s made the list for Best Patio last year, and now again they are in my top four for pizza.  Made with fresh ingredients and high quality cheese, you just can’t go wrong.  On Monday every pizza is half off which makes for a great deal.  This is an adult only establishment, so either make it a date night or pick one up to take home. 

Last but not least is my all time favorite.  Back in college days, when I came home, the only thing I would ask for was a Gabe’s Pizza!  Gabe’s has two locations at 415 E. Center Road and 1716 W. Boulevard.  There is something special about their sausage.  It’s a bit spicy with a peppery taste. And it’s very “crumbly” . . . is that a word?  Well anyway, I love the way the sausage falls off the pizza, then at the very end you gobble up all the sausage crumbs off the pizza board.  The onions are sautéed and very sweet and mild.  It has a thin crust with a robust pizza sauce.  I order sausage, pepperoni, onion, and extra sausage.  Hmmmmm, I think I’ll order one tonight!   

Leave a comment and tell me where to find your favorite pizza in Kokomo!

Kim Morgan,
Kokomo Visitors Bureau


4 thoughts on “Kokomo’s Culinary Corner Takes on Pizza!

  1. I just posted to yellowpages that Mulligans has the best pizza in Kokomo, personally I think they are awesome, even thier lunch menu is great, we are planning on trying the dinner menu soon also I hear it is good as well. I have not tried the Tiki pizza, maybe next time just say I have.

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