Explore Kokomo’s Automotive Heritage on the Indiana 500 Tour

The new Indiana 500 Tour launches today and focuses on Indiana’s great transportation and motorsports heritage.  Several sites in Kokomo are included on the tour.  Join us on Tuesday, May 11 as we celebrate the Indiana 500 Tour Kokomo kick-off at the Kokomo Automotive Museum at 1:30 p.m.  We also invite you to visit Kokomo as you travel the Indiana 500 Tour this year!  Learn about America’s First Car while visiting the Elwood Haynes Museum and Kokomo Automotive Museum and enjoy exciting racing at the Kokomo Speedway. 

America’s first car was developed in Kokomo by Elwood Haynes in 1894.  Visit the Elwood Haynes Museum, the famous inventor’s former residence, which now houses a collection of his possessions and inventions.  Then, take a drive down Boulevard Street (formerly named Pumpkinvine Pike) where Haynes took the first automobile test run and see the historical marker that marks the spot today.

Elwood Haynes

Stroll through the past at the Kokomo Automotive Museum.  Over 100 antique automobiles and memorabilia are on display, including the second car invented by Elwood Haynes in 1895 and many other early autos built in Kokomo.  If you enjoy automobiles, this is the place to be! 

Don’t forget lunch!  Enjoy a hand-breaded tenderloin, burger, or chocolate malt at one of the popular diners or drive-ins in Kokomo.  Jamie’s Soda Fountain, Ray’s Drive-In, Artie’s Tenderloin, Ned’s Corner Pub, and B&K Root Beer are all great choices. 

Experience a night of fast racing at the Kokomo Speedway.  From non-wing sprints to midgets and stock cars to mini-sprints, there is something for every racing fan.  Races are held on Sunday nights from May into September.  

For more information on Kokomo, visit www.VisitKokomo.org or call 800-837-0971.  To learn more about the Indiana 500 Tour, go to www.Indiana500Tour.com.


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