Kokomo’s Culinary Corner Explores Local Breakfast Spots

Hello Culinary Corner friends.  This issue is all about the most important meal of the day . . . BREAKFAST!

I’m not necessarily a breakfast person.  I usually grab a quick cup of coffee and save my calories for lunch.  However there are some really cool spots in Kokomo to start your day, whether you go for a light bite or a big country style breakfast.

The Vault

First up is the newest addition to downtown, the Vault.  I’m really excited to see a coffee shop located back downtown.  It’s part coffee shop, part sandwich shop.  The Vault is located at 223 N. Main.  It is open Monday through Friday 7am-5pm.  This establishment features the lighter side of breakfast.  Of course it has awesome coffee, but it also has breakfast sandwiches, cereal, and fresh daily baked muffins, donuts, and cookies.  This spot is also great when you need to pull out your laptop and get some work done.  It offers free WiFi and a printer.

The Sly Fox

Next, we’re going “old school.”  The Sly Fox is located at 1410 N. Washington Street.  I must first mention that the Sly Fox is a bar and open only to those 21 and over.  They feature a full menu, but the breakfast is a winner.  The first time I entered the establishment, I must say I was a little scared.  There are three doors before you enter the restaurant.  YES, I said THREE doors!  But once I entered, I was greeted by a friendly bartender and several “regulars” who made me feel right at home.  The special is a ½ pound pork chop, two eggs, hash browns, and coffee for $5.99.  I ordered a western omelet, which was big enough to feed the entire population west of the Mississippi!  All the portions are huge and prices are cheap.  If you want a BIG breakfast and you’re over 21, I highly recommend the Sly Fox.

The Book Nook Bistro

Next on the list is no newcomer to Culinary Corner.  The Book Nook has been featured before, but I just could not leave them out of this category.  This breakfast spot is also located in downtown Kokomo.  You will find Chef Reed and his “super fantastic” Breakfast Skillet at 311 W. Walnut.  The Book Nook Bistro is a cool little quaint spot.  It is great for breakfast and lunch.  All items on the menu are something different and things you cannot get anywhere but the Book Nook.  My favorite breakfast item is the Breakfast Skillet.  It is a bowl loaded with potatoes, eggs, sausage, and cheese.  It’s more than any one person can eat, but it’s so good.  I just kept eating and eating and eating!

The next time you dine out, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, try something new.  There are many hidden culinary treasures located in our great community.  For a complete dining guide, come to the Kokomo Visitors Bureau located inside the Kokomo Event Center at 1504 N. Reed Road or call 800-837-0971.  We will be happy to furnish you with a complete list of Kokomo’s dining options!

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot in Kokomo?  Leave a comment and let me know where you enjoy your favorite morning meal! 



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