New Tour Hours Added at Kokomo Opalescent Glass Factory

It is no surprise why Kokomo Opalescent Glass (KOG) is one of Kokomo’s most visited attractions.  From families to large tour groups, visits are often requested for the KOG factory tour.  The fascinating tour takes you behind-the-scenes through the glass-making process from start to finish. 

Molten glass ladeled from the 12-pot furnace

In business since 1888, Kokomo Opalescent Glass is America’s oldest art glass company. Watch as ladels of hot, molten glass are carried from the furnace and carefully poured and cooled into sheets of beautiful art glass.  In fact, KOG makes over 22,000 variations of sheet glass!  The glass is packaged and shipped all around the world to be used in a variety of projects by glass artists. 

Master glass blower Jon Wolfe in the Hot Glass Studio

The factory tour also includes a look into the KOG Hot Glass Studio where skilled glass blowers create custom and unique items.  A variety of gift items made from Kokomo glass, including paperweights, votive candle holders, vases, ornaments, and even marbles are sold in the OP Shop, the factory’s retail gift shop. 

Due to increased demand for tours, new tour hours have been added!  Public tours are now offered weekdays Tuesday – Friday at 10:00 a.m.  General admission is $5 and student admission $2.  Group tours are scheduled by appointment only.  Visit their website for tour requirements and guidelines.   

Don’t miss the chance to experience the tour at Kokomo Opalescent Glass.  It is well worth the visit!  For more information, visit their website or call 765-457-1829 or 877-703-4290.


4 thoughts on “New Tour Hours Added at Kokomo Opalescent Glass Factory

  1. Hi, my name is Jim Kessler and I work in the Education Division of the American Chemical Society. We are developing a set of lesson plans and information for middle school chemistry. We are delivering the material free online. I saw a picture of a man ladeling molten glass from a furnace at Kokomo Opalescent Glass at the Visit Kokomo Blog. We would like to use this photo on our site with some information about the melting point of solids. Can you give us permission to use this picture for this noncommercial educational purpose?


    Jim Kessler, American Chemical Society
    Education Division

  2. Thank you for your interest in using the photo. I forwarded your request to the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company who gave us original permission to post the photo on our blog. Please let me know if you have not heard from them or if you are still waiting for a reply.


    Sherry Matlock
    Kokomo Visitors Bureau

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