Downtown Kokomo is More Vibrant Than Ever

If you haven’t been to Downtown Kokomo lately, you are definitely missing out!  From function and beautification to new retail and restaurants, Downtown Kokomo has undergone a real transformation over the past several months.  

People have been talking about the beautiful flower baskets in Downtown Kokomo for years now.  The hanging baskets lining the streets are so big and overflowing this year, sometimes I wonder how they even stay up on the posts!  They are truly stunning!  Flower-filled bump outs now frame the courthouse square, decorative crosswalks have been added, and new plantings and ground coverings add vibrant color throughout the downtown.  

Kokomo's Courthouse Square

The list of changes does not stop there!  Convenience and function have also improved.  Several stoplights have been taken out and replaced with 4-way stops.  Sycamore and Walnut were converted into 2-way streets, providing ease when traveling in and out of the downtown.  Parking meters have been removed (although 2-hour parking is still enforced.)  In addition, the recently built Kokomo Arts Pavilion in Foster Park has been the venue for many free concerts this summer and fall, giving downtown another great attraction.   

Beautification is not the only change you will see in downtown.  Twelve new businesses have opened since January, including five restaurants and eateries.  Below is the current list with others planning to open soon.   

Al’s Hot Dogs on the Square
Angie Meyers Design Studio
Baja Burritos
BNB Custom Collision Center
Da Roux House
Hoops on the Square
JoTis Accessories
Host Design
Sweet Poppin’s
The Pointy Pencil
The Vault Coffee & Connections
Timeless Pieces & Treasures

Downtown Kokomo is more vibrant than ever.  Make plans to stop, take a walk, dine, and shop during your next visit!  A special thanks to the Kokomo Downtown Association for sharing these great photos taken this summer!


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