Culinary Corner Features Kokomo Originals!

Thanks to all of you who replied to “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”  It was fun remembering some of the old favorites of yester-year.  Richard Thompson made me flash back to Scotty’s Sandwich Junction, which was located on the corner of Washington and Sycamore in Kokomo.  I’m not sure when Scotty’s closed, but I’m thinking it must have been in the early 80’s.  If any of you out there have additional information, please feel free to jump in!

While doing a little research, I found this old commercial of Scotty’s.  You can view it at

If anyone knows any of the THEN teenagers, let us know who they are.

Chrissy Waddups couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant that made those HUGE baked potatoes with pulled pork and cheese.  I need some help here.  Was it Queen Gyros on Markland or Taco Grande on Lincoln Road?  She also gave shout outs to Create A Cake and Backyard BBQ.

Some of the other “favorites” were Pizza King, Martino’s pizza, Whiskey Creek’s chicken strips, and our hometown original, Louie’s Coney Island.

I think my favorite childhood memory is Mr. Softy!  I can remember hearing the music coming down the street and running home to get a quarter to purchase a twist cone or a Super Man popsicle!  My favorite grown-up memory is meeting up with friends at Hacienda to enjoy a Frozen Long Island! 

Kokomo is loaded with locally owned restaurants that have very unique offerings, things that you can only experience in Kokomo!  Take time to review Kokomo’s Dining Guide online at  Next time you’re out to make memories, try a Kokomo original!

Kim Morgan
Kokomo Visitors Bureau


One thought on “Culinary Corner Features Kokomo Originals!

  1. I worked at Scotty’s as my first real job from around 1980 as a high school senior, and I believe the summer of 1982 after my freshman year of college. It was owned by Ponderosa Steak House and some of the notable menu items were the Jumbo Tenderloin, Big Scot double decker hamburger, the Royal Scot burger (1/3 lb patty), and the Brawny Roast Beef. I remember being crazy busy when we had 25 cent cheeseburger special. My guess is they closed around 1985.

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