Made in Kokomo

Homegrown sophistication is one of Kokomo’s greatest assets. From the Hand Sewn Leather by Robert Jones to the AndyMark robotics enterprise…Kokomo is producing. Local ingenuity can be as intricate as the artistic design of an individual leather knife sheath or as multifaceted as an internationally-sold component for mobility robotics. Yet each item made in our great city can boast the same genuineness, “MADE IN KOKOMO”.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass (KOG) has fashioned glass locally since 1888. Visitors can take a tour (and be fascinated by the glass process)…or, they can take a fancy (to a product to purchase it)…or, they can take a class (to learn “how to” skills)! KOG has a long history of products that were “MADE IN KOKOMO”.

Richard and Linda Taylor at Bowden Flowers employ the slogan “Taylored for Every Occasion”. They are locally creating everything floral from original bouquets for DIY (“Do It Yourself”) brides to customized home decorating items. And, they are proudly continuing the legacy: “MADE IN KOKOMO”.

Syndicate Sales produces plastic molded items for floral use. Everything they make is sold to wholesalers elsewhere. And, yet everything they make is “MADE IN KOKOMO”.

Kling’s Computers understands the importance of this distinction, too, as they supply Kokomo with custom computer units. Likewise, Abney Denzil Masonry constructs custom fireplaces and Morrow Construction builds custom home additions. These are one-of-a-kind entities that are “MADE IN KOKOMO”.

Catering businesses such as the Windmill Grill  and Mike’s Italian Grill can claim the same Kokomo pride for their fare. So can establishments such as J. Edwards Chocolates, Moore’s Pie Shop, and Big Ben Coffee Company. And, yet, on the other end of the spectrum, there is specialty artwork at Host Design, one of Kokomo’s art venues.

So, as you can see, one does not have to travel far in the City of Firsts to find all kinds of treasures that have been “MADE IN KOKOMO”.

“Post and images are by Linda Burris and appeared originally on Splash ! Kokomo at, copyright 2011.”


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