Enjoy the Walking Paths & Biking Trails in Kokomo

With the warm weather and bright sunshine the last several days, I have seen more people out and about in Kokomo taking advantage of the great walking and biking paths.  The Wildcat Creek Walk of Excellence is  a top pick.  It winds through some of the local parks, near Downtown Kokomo, and runs along the scenic Wildcat Creek (see photos below.)  I have included some photos and links to find out more!




Check out the City of Kokomo’s website (Parks & Recreation Department link) to see details on all city trails and paths.  They also have a trail map you can download.  Spring is here and summer is soon approaching.  From Highland Park, Jackson Morrow Park, the Walk of Excellence, and Kokomo Reservoir Park, enjoy some outdoor recreation in Kokomo during your next visit!

For more information about things to do in Kokomo, call 800-837-0971 or visit our website at www.VisitKokomo.org.

Jackson Morrow Park Trail


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