Kokomo’s Seiberling Mansion Hosts Unique Civil War Exhibit

Civil War Exhibit 2
An extraordinary exhibit on the Civil War is on display now through June 2013 at the Seiberling Mansion.  The exhibit features photographs and artifacts from local collector Craig Dunn and a unique letter on loan from Katherine Morehead.  Dunn has built one of the state’s most remarkable collections of material related to Indiana Civil War soldiers.  He also authored two books about Hoosiers caught up in the war between the states.  Craig has loaned a small portion of his collection to the Howard County Historical Society for this exhibit, and the museum has supplemented with items from their own archives and collections.  Morehead is a descendent of  T.J. Harrison, the highest-ranking Howard County veteran of the war, and she allowed the exhibit to display an original letter home written by Harrison.

The Seiberling Mansion is open Tuesday – Sunday from 1-4 p.m.  Group tours by appointment.  In addition to the Civil War exhibit, visitors will enjoy many other displays in the beautifully restored (former) home of Monroe Seiberling built in 1891.  For more information, call (765) 452-4314 or visit www.HowardCountyMuseum.org.

Civil War Exhibit 3




Civil War Exhibit 4


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