Welcome to the Visit Kokomo Blog

This blog will keep you informed on travel ideas, restaurants, recreation, events, and other visitor information for the Kokomo, Indiana area.  Please feel free to leave a comment or let us know about your recent travels in our community!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Visit Kokomo Blog

  1. was station at bunker hill air force base 65 thru 69 ,spent alot of time in kokomo,even married a girl from there [frances elaine ford] it didnt last and havent heard from her since 1969,often wander if shes ok .also think of her sister her name was audreianna,i believe she married a bill norris from kokomo,would love to get ahold of them can you advise me if they still live there ….. thank you dick difolco altoona pa…..

  2. Thank you for your comment on our blog! Those names are not familiar to me, so I am sorry that I cannot be more help to you. Please check back often for updates on the Kokomo area. The Bunker Hill Air Force Base (now the Grissom Air Reserve Base) has a very nice indoor/outdoor museum called the Grissom Air Museum. I thought you may be interested since you were once stationed there. Thanks again for visiting our Blog!

  3. Have been trying to find out what year the drive-in theatre on the south side of Kokomo was closed. Could someone help me, please?????

  4. Thanks for your request! I was told that the drive-in was located where the Lowe’s home improvement store is currently located on the south end of Kokomo. It was closed in the 1980’s. I was unable to find a date or exact year.

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