Kokomo was not built in a day

Downtown businesses and visitors enjoy the fact that ‘Kokomo was not built in a day’, because the architecture in the Courthouse Square Historic District consists of several beautiful styles from over many periods of time.

Businesses downtown have the privilege of being located in Italianate, Romanesque Revival, Neoclassical/Craftsman, Mediterranean, Art Deco and Contemporary structures.

Downtown shoppers are intrigued by the many arches, hipped roofs, window hoods, and decorated alleyways along Main, Buckeye, Sycamore, Walnut and Mulberry Streets.

Those transacting business downtown do so among beautiful columned porticos, pilasters and pediment openings.

And, employees on their lunch break can enjoy the small gazebo park on West Sycamore.

The Howard County Courthouse was rebuilt with the 1930’s Art Deco style. (The first courthouse, which was built in 1870 in the Second Empire style, had to be demolished in 1927 due to deterioration.)

                        Howard County Courthouse, c. 1927, Art Deco style 

Two Neoclassical buildings are located across from the Courthouse at 105 and 107 North Buckeye Street, both c. 1915; the 107 address also has Craftsman elements.

                   Two Neoclassical buildings across from the Courthouse
                                       at 105 and 107 North Buckeye Street 

There are even two Queen Anne properties downtown! (These are located at 107-9 West Mulberry Street, c. 1895, and 122-24 West Walnut Street, c. 1900).

                        Queen Anne style, 122-24 West Walnut Street, c. 1900 

Dentilated brickwork and an arcaded parapet are featured in the Garritson Building, c. 1911, located at 121 West Sycamore Street.

                            Garritson Building, c. 1911, with dentilated brickwork
and an arcaded parapet

                   Garritson Building, 121 West Sycamore Street, up close 

The Maas Building, c. 1888, with its deliberately differentiated two-part structure is located at 105 East Sycamore Street. Its upper half is designed in the fortress-like Romanesque Revival style, as is the Wilson Block Building, c. 1890, at 114 North Main Street.

                             Wilson Block building, 114 North Main Street,
Romanesque Revival, c. 1890

has relocated to 210 N. Main, in an Italianate style building, c. 1890. This building is absolutely beautiful inside, and there are many distinctive art shops here including the Little Town Glass Company.

           Artworks, 210 N. Main, in an Italianate style building, c. 1890.
This building is absolutely beautiful inside.

Uniquely designed gifts are sold and art classes are taught at Angie Meyers Design Studio, which is located at 104 W. Walnut in a Romanesque Revival building, c. 1890.

        Romanesque Revival buildings at 100-104 West Walnut Street;
Angie Meyers Design Studio is on the bottom left

Parents, teachers and students who shop at Planet Mind at 108 North Main Street do so in a Mediterranean style building, which was renovated in 2000. Still, the high ceilings and meandering rooms add charm to the shopping experience.

The Upper Crust Sandwich Shoppe is located right next door and is even accessible through lovely French doors in the Planet Mind location. This building is also done in a Mediterranean style and has beautiful internal features as well.

There is much to see and do in downtown Kokomo…more than a day’s worth, that’s for sure!

That’s because Kokomo was not built in a day, but rather slowly over a period of time, and the same can be said about the great businesses that are located in its downtown district.

(Architectural information obtained from the Howard County Interim Report, Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory, May 2003.)

“Post and images are by Linda Burris and appeared originally on Splash ! Kokomo at www.splashkokomo.com, copyright 2011.”


Visit Strawberry Festival For Family Fun!

The Greater Kokomo Downtown Association’s Annual Strawberry Festival will be held on Main Street in Downtown Kokomo on Thursday, June 2, 2011.  From 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (or while quantities last) enjoy delicious strawberry shortcakes made with Amish-baked shortcake and topped with vanilla ice cream, sweet strawberries, and whipped cream donated by Meijer of Kokomo.

2010 Strawberry Festival in Downtown Kokomo

New to the festival this year, McDonalds® of Central Indiana will be providing samples of their new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.  Also, kids will enjoy a fun show presented by Ronald McDonald® starting at noon.  In addition, free activities and crafts will be offered during the festival at Planet Mind, 108 N. Main St. and Angie Meyers Design Studio, 104 W. Walnut St. (kids must be accompanied by an adult.) 

Live music by Rhum Academy of Music will be featured from 1:30-3:00 p.m.  Make plans now to attend Strawberry Festival with friends, family, or co-workers for a sweet start to the summer festival season in Downtown Kokomo!  For more information, call 765-457-5301.