J. Edwards Gourmet & Blondie’s Cookies featured on FOX 59 Hoosier Treats Segment

Fill your table with local foods and treats this holiday season!

Kokomo’s own J. Edwards Gourmet and Blondie’s Cookies were featured last week by Visit Indiana on FOX 59. With Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, the segment highlighted delicious, Indiana made food products perfect for the holiday table. View the segment here.

J. Edwards Gourmet, a local favorite since 2003, specializes in fine chocolates (regular and sugar-free), beautiful gourmet cakes, and housemade cheese dips and spreads.

Here is a sampling of the items you can purchase for your holiday table:

Spinach Artichoke Cheese Dip – A gourmet classic! This 5-cheese blend is packed with spinach, roasted red peppers, and hearty artichoke hearts.

Baby Swiss Cheese Dip – Smooth and savory dip. Garlic, chives, and other spices are paired with this delicious 4-cheese blend.

California Cheese Spread – This one will make your California dreams come true! A 3-cheese cheddar garlic blend that goes perfect with any cracker, pretzel, or baked potato.

cheese dips

Cheese Pinwheel – Can’t decide on which cheese dip is the best to suit your family get together? Satisfy everyone’s taste buds with the Pinwheel, a 4-compartment tray that features all four homemade cheeses.

Cheeseball – A gourmet double chipped beef cheeseball packed with flavor (garlic, chives, and other spices) then rolled in toasted pecan pieces. Sure to satisfy any savory palate!

Spicy Pretzel Balls – A blend of special gourmet spices coated over crunchy pretzel balls, is sure to be a big hit.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake – A smooth and creamy cheesecake, with all of the pumpkin spice you can handle! A great way to get your pumpkin fix.

Red Velvet Cheesecake – A bold and creamy combination, this is a red velvet flavored creamy cheesecake topped with J. Edwards’s signature chocolate ganache.

Gourmet Apple – A granny smith apple covered in caramel, rolled in toasted pecans, and then dipped & drizzled in chocolate. Perfect for gifts, celebrations, or devouring the whole thing!

JEdwards Chocolates 2.jpg


J. Edwards Gourmet’s homemade fine chocolates are perfect for the holidays – for the dessert table or to give as gifts! Their selection includes caramels, assorted creams, turtles, toffee, and much more.

Orders can be placed on their website at jedwardsgourmet.com or by calling (765) 626-0142.  They also offer a large variety of other unique gifts, gourmet cakes and specialty food products, as well as gluten free items.

Blondie’s Cookies is celebrating 30 years as a locally owned business specializing in freshly baked, handcrafted cookies.  Don’t have time to bake cookies this holiday season? Blondie’s has you covered!

Selections include cookies, brownies, chewies, sprinkles, cookie cakes, party trays, gift tins, gift boxes and towers. They even have take & bake cookie kits (perfect for baking with kids!) and unique items, like Snickers cookies, cheesecake brownies, and peppermint sprinkle cookies.

blondies cookies photo

Consider these indulgent cookies for your holiday table:

Pumpkin Spice Sprinkle cookies – Moist, soft pumpkin shortbread cookie topped with extra creamy cream cheese frosting. Its creamy like a pumpkin pie, moist like a pumpkin bread and oh so decadent like a pumpkin trifle, all wrapped up in a cookie!

KoKo Swirl Sprinkle and KoKo Kream Sprinkle  – The KoKo Sprinkle line is a dark chocolate shortbread cookie topped with dark chocolate ganache frosting or their famous vanilla buttercream icing. KoKo Swirls are soft and very creamy, and may even take the place of your favorite chocolate cake!

To place an order, visit blondiescookies.com or call 1-888-298-6820.

Happy eating this holiday season!

The Culinary Corner presents Desserts!

Today, we’re talking desserts!

J. Edwards offers up a large assortment of tasty cakes!

J. Edwards offers up a large assortment of tasty cakes!

I’m going to start with Kokomo’s king of
dessert . . . J. Edwards.  This fine establishment is located at 2106 W. Sycamore Road.  There is a huge assortment of goodies to choose from, such as the carrot cake, cookies, and éclairs to name a few.  However, my focus will be on the Banana Split Cake – three layers of greatness!  It’s exactly what the name insinuates.  It stands almost a foot tall, with layers of banana, strawberry, and chocolate cakes.  The icing is sugar creamy goodness.  I’ve always been a chocolate cake lover at birthday time, but next December 26 (my birthday), I’ll be requesting a Banana Split Cake from J. Edwards.  Check out their homemade chocolates.  Wow, that’s the only word that will describe all those chocolate goodies.  I hope by the time you read this article, they will have those delicious deluxe caramel apples back.

It’s the beginning of Fall, but ice cream is always a favorite.  Scoops, located at 1231 W. Jefferson and 408 Arrow Street, has a variety of ice cream treats to please everyone.  From Super Man to Butter Pecan or even sugar-free choices, this ice cream parlor has become a family favorite of locals.  My favorite is Bear Claw.  Hmmmm . . . rich chocolate ice cream with caramel ribbons and nuts!  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  Ok, I know I’m getting a bit carried away, but it’s my all time favorite ice cream.

Next up is the signature dessert at Pastarrific, located on Kokomo’s Southside at 3001 S. Webster Street.  I had never had Crème Brulee, but this was an unexpected treat.  This custard-style dessert is awesome.  It has a caramelized sugar atop creamy custard with sweet sauce drizzle.  As we all know, Pastarrific is one of Kokomo’s restaurants of choice, but next time you go, save room for dessert.

The Quarry's Chocolate Layered Cake

The Quarry's Chocolate Layered Cake

Once again, the new kid on the block makes the list.  Voted as Kokomo’s favorite Patio Spot for best atmosphere in last month’s issue, The Quarry, located at 2130 W. Sycamore Street, has a Chocolate Layered Cake to die for.  Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, hot fudge, whipped cream, and ice cream.  OMG!  Natalie, my server, informed me that everything is homemade, even the whipped cream and ice cream.  She tried to tempt me with a Snickers Frozen Pie and a Blueberry Cheesecake, by placing ALL three of these scrumptious desserts in front of me.  Ok, I can’t lie.  I did try all three, but I had back up with me.  My husband, who never eats desserts, downed the Chocolate Cake, and then had the nerve to ask for milk.  My friend, Anton, hovered over the Cheesecake like a kid over a cereal bowl!  Needless to say, all three desserts were super fantastic. 

Due to my waistline, I only visited a few local establishments seeking great desserts, but I’m sure there are great sweet treats all around town.

Next issue we will explore Kokomo’s favorite local pizza joints.  Leave a comment and let me know where you go for great pizza!

Kim Morgan,
Kokomo Visitors Bureau